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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

problems upgrading windows 10 to the creator's fall upgrade ?

After a while enjoying life with ubuntu (and a windows guest as a virtual machine for the unavoidable word-processing using MS-Word), I found myself getting back to windows, and discovering  that windows update has finally decided to bring forth the creator's fall upgrade...
only, it ended with an error !  error code 0x8024200D

Searching around, it turned out that errors are more common than
one would have expected from the os-turned-into-a-service ...

Searching for a solution I reached the "reset windows updates" solution  and it worked !

what you need to do is

  1.  download the script they suggest in the solution (as you can no longer download it,but could copy it when this self-doc was written, I include it here on my github, as a precaution and you can download it for your own use)
  2.  run it from cmd (as administrator). 
  3. restart your computer. 
  4. now go to windows updates, and let it try to install the fall creators upgrade.... 

Take into account that a the successful upgrade required several hours of downloading.

And looking back at the surprising amount of hours that a simple upgrade has taken, which resembled more of an operating system major version upgrade, this raised doubts why do I bother with windows any more...