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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

how: make vmware virtual machine change boot order by editing the vmx file

Found myself struggling with a testing vmware virtual machine I wanted to re-setup by reinstalling. The machine ignored my gui-directed efforts telling it to take an iso file using the cdrom....

As I got tired, I searched the net for .vmx solutions to change the boot order, and discovered that all one needs to do is:
1)  edit the .vmx file
2) add at the beginning of the .vmx file the lines:
bios.bootOrder = "cdrom,hdd"

and when the machine is started, it will boot immediately using the cdrom...

1) as always, when toying with the .vmx file, just like any other important configuration file, it is highly recommended to back it up before changing it.
 2) remember to shutdown the machine before editing the .vmx file...