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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

has google found a cure for the patent war ?

Google is purchasing Motorola Mobile, and at least in part, this seems like a very logical step, considering past statements  and the ongoing patents war. Undoubtedly, Motorola's portfolio will make a significant weapon in Google's legal toolbox, and might actually serve as a modern peace-maker.

It is remarkable how contradictory people can be when relating this step. Some criticize this move, as profit margins in hardware are lower, but at the same time, praise the move as it appears to them as a move towards the unified hardware/software vendor model of Apple, which is known to be more profitable than Google's partners' model of using a free O/S. somehow, the simple notion that profitability is a result of a pricing model and not necessarily a production model, has not been considered by these critiques.

Others seems to think that Google is 'picking a fight' with Apple, and appear to ignore the dynamics of this patent war, which appeared more like Apple, Microsoft & Oracle cooperating against the new kid on the block.Well, now that the new kid also has a patents whip of his own, maybe We'll finally some innocent usage of patents, and at least a temporary break from misuse of Intellectual property as a tool to prevent competitive innovation.

Another point that should be taken is Motorola's leading position in other technological fronts. This just might turn out to be the winning move of Google's at the Internet-TV front....

As for the question whether this will cause other Android-based vendors to develop alternatives, one has to admit that the unified praising choir of vendors did not appear to be spontaneous, and although Motorola's purchase is probably improving the strength of the Android ecological sphere in the near term, the longer term does raise questions in that aspect. But these are good questions, for open smart phones that support more than one operating system, are in the best interests of consumers. Nothing good comes out of the monolithic model of Apple. We should all hope that Android vendors shall choose the path of the PC, and not that of the MAC. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Facebook-Zynga and the plain netizen

Due pre-IPO process is bringing discoveries of the intricate and close relationship between Zynga and Facebook. Platform developers, starting with Game-oriented ones, but actually anyone with basic deduction abilities, should consider their options. As others have plainspoken, it just appears that Zynga is getting such a special treatment at Facebook, others do not enjoy fair play.

This naturally should be a warning sign to us all. Facebook, the largest social network, at least for now, is not fully aware to the responsibilities that come with a great power (yes, I'm paraphrasing on Spiderman, being loyal to Snoopy's principle of quoting truth wherever I find it), or worse - it prefers interests over principles.

The re-emergence of an alternative, in Google+, is highly important in such a reality, but it is not enough. Google+ should make clear that it will keep a neutral playing ground. Facebook should follow the same path. Otherwise, what promises the Global dream of an alternative to the Nation-State will turn out as just another playground for Corporations, in their ongoing search for larger gains.

I, for one, will not use any of Zynga products until such a change occurs. I urge you to act similarly.