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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How to delete a property from Google Analytics ?

One always wishes for better user interfaces, with that rare characteristic of being intuitively boring.
Boring as in things put where one expects to find them, even if he had never used them before.

Sadly, deleteing a property from Google Analytics was not desgined with this aspect in mind, as you know by now, if you got to this page by deliberately searching for an answer to that so simply appearing to be question  of "How to delete a property from Google Analytics ? "

The answer is annoying and simple (and yet annoying):
1. Choose Admin (top right corner);
2. Choose the account;
3. Choose the property to be deleted;
4. Now, for each of the views that this property has -
a.  under the right-most "view" tab, choose the "View Settings" option

b. Roll to the bottom of the screen, and choose "Delete view";

c. Confirm that you really do wish to delete this view, forever and forever, by pressing "Delete view".

Believe it or not, after you delete the last view of this property, the property will be deleted as well.