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Thursday, January 30, 2014

How to move Google Analytics data to other account?

Yesterday's post sufficiently explains the background for the sudden need to move Google Analytics data to other account. But how can this be done? 

After several attempts and searches it appeared that there might be no other solution than to lose the information already gathered and start anew in another accoung, but then a stackoverflow discussion suggested a fine work-around: 
1) add the other google account as a full-priviliges user
( through abalytics interface, go to admin and under the account tab, choose manage users. 
go to admin \ choose account \ and under asset, choose manage users. )
2) delete the first google account from the Analytics privileged users following the same instructions. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to change adsense account associated with a blog?

A blog partnership came to its ending as my partner chose a different path. In the past, when we started that venture, he was a newcomer to the blogger arena and as he wanted to learn the ropes, and I was swamped in too many projects, the quick-and-dirty solution that was chosen was to assign a greater share of the ongoing operations role to him, and to make things easy for him, important services were configured through his Google account (It might not have been a solution that would work in any partnership, but in this case the aforementioned partner is a dear childhood friend, and the partnership dissolution, like anything between us, is done with care and compassion. Still, I don't think I would advise to anyone going into such a partnership in that format). 

Thus we found ourselves having to make some technical changes. The first -  how to change the Adsense account associated with that blogger site?   

After toying around and not finding the answer myself, the answer came up in a Google search, through a Google support answer
1) blogger interface\layout\clicking adsense gadget\choosing - 
"switch to a different Publisher ID" and following through the process there. 


2) blogger interface\earnings\choosing "switch to a different Publisher ID" and following through the process there. 

As simple as that.