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Welcome to the technoPhileFiles! 

Who am I ?
My name is Gil Shabtai and I am a Technophile, a lover of technology. I've been interested in technology since I can remember myself and have serious intentions of doing so in the afterlife. 

What is this blog actually about ? 
Good question. Basically, it is about technology, computing and everything that may be considered an aspect of technical life by a technophiliac.  Technoblogging, blogging about technology, is a world engulfing trend. How can I resist the temptation to write about my technological life? 

Yes, but what does that mean?
Well, this blog has been evolving and reshaping since its birth. At first it was a neat form to document issues I bumped into. A proper personal online documentation residing on a blog seemed like a good way that may also help others. It was done with the over-optimistic hope that it will save time as I won't find myself needing to explain something again and again. 

So, is it another of those howto blogs? 
Not quite. At a certain period (mainly 2010-2012) I found myself using this blog as a platform for talking about technical news. It was a period in my life when this became one of my occupations. Therefore, you can find here many posts discussing trends, news and expressing technophiliac opinions. 

So, what is this blog about nowadays?
Nowadays, it is once again a container for everything technological that I find value in documenting this way. Mostly, for my own usage, but I'll be happy if others find it helpful. 

Isn't technology boring enough to deal with, that you also write about it? 
To a technophile, technology is just as exciting as fashion or sports or celebrities are to the technophobe. 

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